Lockscreen Clock Hide

  • 5 years ago

Hide the clock on the lock screen.

Battery Control

  • 5 years ago
  • 1.1.0

*3.x OS ONLY* Fine-grain control over the status bar battery.


  • 5 years ago
  • 1.0-1

Allow to have two camera roll folder by switching between each other at one time. Useful if you want to separate different picture taking event or to hide what you got in your camera folder from others.


  • 5 years ago
  • 1.0.0

Replaces Lockscreen volume sloder with a seek slider for music playback.


  • 5 years ago
  • 1.1

A framework to easily add preferences to the Notifications settings.

Open in Chrome

  • 5 years ago
  • 1.3.1

Open Safari links in Google Chrome!

Tap React

  • 5 years ago
  • 1.1

Tap React is a Game is all about your Reaction Time!

Santas Tic Tac Toe

  • 5 years ago
  • 2.0

Play the one and only Santa's Tic Tac Toe for iPhone! Great Game, Great Graphics, Have a great Multi-Player Game with Friends! And Best of all it is FREE!


  • 5 years ago
  • 3.0

This is a great browser that uses less memory and is faster than Safari. Its a must have!

Elude Ball Lite

  • 5 years ago
  • 1.0

A simple yet fun, addictive, and professional game where you Elude balls.