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vsftpd v. 2.0.7 BigBoss
8 years ago

Probably the most secure and fastest FTP server for UNIX-like systems. Restart iPhone to start service. Can be toggled with launchctl or a custom bossprefs control.

Samba v. 0.1-6 BigBoss
8 years ago

Required package for starting / configuring the samba service from the GUI (Settings app).

Samba Core
8 years ago

Windows (SMB/CIFS) filesharing and networking

Safari Tab Closer
8 years ago

Quickly close all of the open tabs in Mobile Safari.

Mobile Tor
Mobile Tor v. BigBoss
8 years ago

Tor anonymity network for iOS

8 years ago

remote control your Windows desktop

8 years ago

WiFi share 3G plan thru proxy to PC

8 years ago

remote control PC's Transmission client

dessid: WiFi decryptor
8 years ago

Recover Eircom wireless internet password

cntlm v. 0.92.3-2 BigBoss
8 years ago

Fast NTLM authentication proxy with tunneling